pat the bat updates

5 12 2008
i think i've seen this stance before

where have i seen this stance before?

no important news on the bait regarding him coming back or leaving the phillies, but a couple of good notes.

this video from the fightin’s of the bat swearing in a post game interview after the world series is awesome. just listening to him talk cracks me up, he always seems like everything he says is an inside joke with himself.

and this story from phil hellmuth’s webiste about him meeting the machine and geoff jenkins in scottsdale.

Also, another text came in at exactly 11:32 from Young MC saying that two Phillies players wanted to meet me. So I walked across the room and had a great time chilling with Jeff Jenkins and Pat Burrel for about an hour. Those guys are still on cloud nine! They were in such a great mood and in such a high spirit that it was awesome to see! We had a great time talking baseball and poker, and Burrel and I started needling each other back and forth. That was so much fun! Burrel just tells it like it is, and that is refreshing, and fun. [“Phil I love watching you because you’re such an asshole.”]

and that is why we all love you pat!  as an aside to this story, if you go to the link to phil hellmuth’s site you’ll see that he met our heroes(well at least one hero) at the W hotel in scottsdale where he was going to meet up with my boy matt leinart.  if you don’t think pat was skeezing hard with matty l and rocking out hot tub parties avec ASU coeds all weekend then clearly you are first time visitor to this site. 


that's where... i miss the cbp parking lot

that's where... i miss the cbp parking lot






2 responses

5 12 2008

“We’re standing on the top of the hill looking down..that’s a hell of a thing to say”–

I love Pat

9 12 2008
scandalous wendy

Everything that comes out of the Bat’s mouth is pure poetry.

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