we are still alive

6 02 2009

even if the boys over at wsbgm don’t think we are… we are still keeping it real over here but have just decide to take a short hiatus from the blogging until spring training starts when there will be some more interesting stuff to report on. until then we are just going to be taking in all the other blogs and of course dealing with the mourning of losing our favorite player.

quick burrell story from the fbr:

i followed pat perez for a few holes to see if i could spot the bat, but no luck.. so as he is coming off the 6th green i approach him and this convo goes down

gp: hey pat (perez), nice win last weekend… it was good to see you celebrating with the boys out there
perez: (laughing) thanks a lot
gp: speaking of which, is the bat out here with you this weekend?
perez: ya, he’s up in one of those tents over there getting drunk off his ass
gp: (head explodes)

anyways, i spent a good portion of the day searching for the bat to no avail, but it was all worth it for that comment