There goes the perfect season

5 04 2009

I was pretty sure that the phils were going to go 162-0 this year.  I guess I was wrong.  That’s too bad.

I didn’t get to see much of the game which is unfortunate because they are only on tv a handful of times a year in Vancouver.  I was catering a party and happily watching the game instead of cooking until about the 5th inning when I lost a channel battle.  It was between me, wanting to watch the phillies on channel 22 and four 8 year old girls who wanted to watch Air Bud 13 or 14 or whatever sport he is playing now on channel 50.  I gave in because I am dating one of them and she gets super bitchy and cries and shit when she doesn’t get her way. 

I’m just kidding about the dating the 8 year old thing….maybe.  Air Bud sucks though…there’s no way one dog could be that good at so many sports…seriously.

Anyway, once those sluts got tired of the show and went to eat ice cream or play in the sandbox or whatever 8 year old prozzies do while their parents are getting krunked up on Sundays, I got to turn the game back on.  There isn’t really anything to report besides that.

Howard and Myers look skinny.  From what I could gather, Howard K’d twice, once in the ninth…..that was sweet…. who needs early season heroics anyway?  He likes to wait until the MVP voters start taking notes. (I got Howard and Pujols in one of my fantasy leagues by the way… does anyone else in the world have both of those guys on one team?  I highly doubt it!)

Ibanez is so UNSEXY.  I can’t even believe it.  I want to throw things. 

Feliz made a hot play at 3b.  That was cool.

Werth trimmed his stupid beard. 

I was cooking with a Braves fan who was pretty excited about the game.  I wasn’t excited about him.  The only positive is that we forgot to wager on the game so I saved myself the money I made tonight.

Really happy that baseball and the sexycrimes are back.





20 responses

6 04 2009

Good to see you guys are back. Go Phils ’09!

6 04 2009

Myers needs to stick to domestics. The only thing he located last night was his wife’s face.

7 04 2009

so im not going to lie, this has to be one of my favorite phillies websites. i know you guys are missing pat..i am too, left field wont be the same without his ass. so since you guys are depressed..i thought this video might cheer you up. just skip ahead to the 46 second mark

9 04 2009

uhhhh….you guys are the laziest bloggers ever

9 04 2009

Whatever GTO–Josh.

Where’s your blog?

10 04 2009
Scandalous Wendy

Yeah, the sexy criminals are back! It is so not the same without Pat. And Elvis. Now who will pose for sexy yet amusing pictures??? Hey Josh, still big pimpin in Reading??

11 04 2009

Pryst. I dont have a blog. I can make one though. Im just too lazy lol.

Hey Wendy. Nah I moved down to West Chester. I work down this way and now, I am that much closer to the city and to the Phillies. How are you doing?

11 04 2009
Scandalous Wendy

I’m good, the house has been sold, I have my own place and a fantasic boyfriend. Getting ready to watch the game tonight on my new 52 inch high def LCD tv. Woohoo!!

15 04 2009
Andrew S

I just wanted to note that gperih dropped ‘the bat’ in a joke fantasy league I am in with him where is name is none other than ‘pat the bat’. He picked up Clayton Kershaw for him.

18 04 2009

it’s a shame yous guys don’t post more often. you remind me of TBS… very funny.

5 07 2009

So Pat Burrell is in the final vote for the All-Star game. Philly fans couldn’t get it done last year, but I think after all that Pat did for us down the stretch last year, I’d like to see a movement for Philly fans to vote him in. I’d expect you guys to be on top of this. Plus, I miss your posts.

5 07 2009

nevermind, i can’t read dates when i look at news stories.

21 07 2009

any news???????

28 07 2009

Blog Fail.

27 09 2009
el balderino


Is this a gay site???

16 10 2009

where ARE YOU TWO??

22 03 2010
WC Patty

please come back

2 05 2010
Ryan Howard

I miss the sexy criminals!!!

15 05 2010
it ends with a whimper

Pat Burrell was designated for assignment last night. Is it over?

16 09 2010

where are you guys??????

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