Cliff Lee

13 12 2010

Are you kidding me?  Phils just swept and took him.  No big deal.

Apparently the main reason he left years and money on the table is because he is a huge fan of the sexycrimes.  Rubes called us up tonight and wanted to make sure we were back on board.

So yah…. If Cliff Lee can come back, so can we. 

Looks like the Phillies welcomed back not one but three major members of their team tonight….in no particular order of importance….prystline, perman, phifer.

If that doesn’t seal another ring i have no idea what will.

prystline.  talk soon. xoxo




8 responses

17 12 2010

please please please pline can you please start doing the sexycrimes again??? I know for a fact that you and perih are no busier than you were in those heady days back in 2007…

17 12 2010

its gaze by the way… just had knee surgery so went back and re-read the entire blog, after all, a man can only scour the web for so many pictures of funny cats before he goes crazy

7 02 2011

Nice to see you guys are still above the ground. We’ve missed the blog.

7 02 2011
Charlie Cresswell's ST jersey

sOOoOo good to have the boys back… keep writing….

27 05 2011
Stephen Schneider

Please come back, I miss this blog, and have referenced it more than you can imagine!

1 08 2011

Coooommmmeee baaaaaaackkkk.

3 08 2011
Cresswell's Jersey
30 01 2012

Hope you guys will come back one last time for a post remembering the great career of Pat the Bat.

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