about the sexy crimes

just a couple of guys from vancouver, bc giving their views on being a phillies fan from the other side of the continent


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2 10 2007

do you have any gossip about inpending nuptials or fiancee…a crushing loss for scores of Philly women?

5 02 2008
Stephen Schneider

So why are you Phillies fans if you’re from BC?

12 05 2008
david john

i think you guys will like to know that i found this website by googling “pat burrell partying” and then pressing the I’m Feeling Lucky button

13 05 2008

i don’t think i have ever felt as much pride as i do right now…

18 05 2008

As a born and bred Phila fan with the right to give anyone the “DieHard Philly Fan” award, I now cannonize you. Your blog is fucking hilarious…and TRUE

8 07 2008

Where have you gone sexy criminals? No new entries?? Without you I wouldn’t know to yell “Stone Cold Pimp!!!” when JW bats. Come back!

19 08 2008
rob stair

this is the greatest website EVER

1 09 2008

you sick bastards

11 10 2008
your mom

just discovered this after googling PB. i love this website. i love pat the bat. i love the phightin phils. i love the sexy criminals. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

23 10 2008

great website–I wear PBaits’ jersey to every game I go to and every one I watch at the bar.

I actually just found your site today and thusly accomplished nothing at work. These times are far more important than any job.

Wish I could have found you guys earlier as I scored some game 4 World Series tickets. Would be more than happy to put you guys up.

BTW–some juicy material for you fans of PBait. I live in Reading, PA where Pat played in the minors for the Reading Phillies. I was thinking about doing an interview with some of the guys that partied with him and some of the girls he dirtied.

Hit me up if you guys are interested in a guest editorial piece from 1st hand sources.


10 11 2008

you guys should set this up like a forum rather than a comment blog–more effective for man-Pat love and Mets bashing

12 11 2008

Why the fuck don’t you guys have a blog roll/links section? You need to speed the Sexy Criminal love, not doing so is simply…criminal.

12 12 2008

Sorry for your loss, fellas. It was fun while it lasted.

R.I.P. – Pat “The Bat” era in Philadelphia

13 12 2008

rip pat the bat this sucks man i guess i have to throw my underwear at chase now

14 12 2008

Let’s try to think of this as a new beginning. P the B’s new team will automatically become my new second favorite team in the MLB… The SexyCriminals will now follow the Phillies and a team to be named at a later date….

Staying with my current MO….I will blog about neither.

Keep your heads up…someone will show themselves as the new bait this year. And we will all be there to follow it.

8 01 2009

My new favorite team is the Rays… It sucks pat the bat left the phillies but yeah…just think of what burrell is going to be up to now..closer to shepards all season long which could be good or bad. His time in tampa will be full of tommy bahama shirts, bud lights, and burrell bombs.

9 02 2012


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